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MindFlink Consulting provides a range of consulting, mentoring, and development services focused on Enterprise, Systems, and Software Architecture. We provide anatomy driven architecture consulting and mentoring for software architects, and typically work with the executive team, architecture teams, helping focused transformation areas such as Strategies for service (product) improvement, Plan for culture change, Defining detailed action items for strategy execution and Leveraging key partnership opportunities. to accelerate their creation or migration of an architecture. 


We partner with strategic management, providing consulting focused on technology strategy and organizational competency using architectural guidelines.


Our mission is to assist you by helping your Enterprise Anatomy integrating strategy, processes, and systems across Functional areas. We do this at the level of the architecture team, the individual architect, the organization, and the discipline.


Enterprise Anatomy enables the creation of multiple solution options quickly. Our successful customers have seen the end results are a dramatic improvement in Strategy To Execution Capability through architectural competency.